CanHealth International is a new Canadian not-for-profit organization, bringing high standard healthcare education free of charge to developing nations.

The WHO estimates that an additional 4.3 million health workers are needed across the globe by the end of 2015. This crisis has disastrous implications for the health and well-being of millions of people.
Efforts to scale up the education of health professionals must not only increase the quantity of health workers, but also address issues of quality and relevance in order to address the healthcare needs of their communities. Healthcare institutions need to increase their capacity to teach in terms of infrastructure as well as to improve the competencies of their existing staff. The WHO calls for the development and implementation of innovative inter-professional health education strategies, such as e-learning systems that can be used in both high-income and resource-constrained countries.

CanHealth International offers solutions to address these issues by providing accessible and interactive, high quality, standardized education to inter-professional healthcare workers (including doctors, nurses, midwives, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, anesthesia assistants, paramedics, undergraduate/postgraduate students, and others who work and study in educational institutions and healthcare delivery organizations) around the world.