CanHealth International fosters educational research for the improvement of global health education. Realizing this goal is key to ensuring accountability, quality control and receiving feedback in order to improve CanHealth curriculum and its specific programs as a whole.

In order to realize this goal CanHealth’s strategy is to develop research capacity in the developing countries for assessment of efficacy, validity, reliability and cost effectiveness of educational mandates and assessment of quality improvement of health education.

The Research Portal is a free, online resource which facilitates multi-disciplinary research by:

  • providing tools for online collaboration and the development of research projects, scientific papers, abstracts and other research and scholarly-related articles
  • providing a platform for research project management
  • allowing for custom study design
  • collecting subject and group specific data using unique subject identifiers
  • enabling video review and evaluation of research subjects
  • permitting users to create evaluation tools for use in the research project
  • storing research data
  • providing the download of research data in spreadsheet format

The Research Division of CanHealth is composed of talented researchers with outstanding ideas and projects.