CyberPatient (article i.) is a revolutionary and powerful interactive multimedia tool that fundamentally changes the way medical educators teach and the way students learn.  As one of the many CanHealth products and services, this software invites learners to examine, diagnose, and operate on virtual patients and provides them with feedback on their performance. Just as a pilot trains to fly an airplane on a fight simulator, a medical student can practice on many virtual patients before ever treating a real patient.

This online tool allows students to access the entire archive of cases. The model fills a void in medical education by allowing the learner to follow a patient from the initial presentation to the discharge. Cases are available with increasing degrees of difficulty, so that students can revisit cases they covered in an earlier stage of their training and study more advanced aspects of diagnosis and treatment for that particular disease. CyberPatient (article ii.) has been designed to simulate the doctor–patient interaction as closely as possible. In so doing, the following interaction elements are enabled:

  • Patient history
  • Physical examination
  • Ancillary tests
  • Diagnosis development
  • Treatment planning
  • Surgery
  • Post-operative management
  • Patient Follow up

For health education institutes in developing nations, cyberPatient offers an affordable model that allows the user to access an extremely large amount of information with minimal resources.