CanHealth International offers a high standard electronic library of interactive materials for online inter-professional health education via a proprietary electronic platform called e-PER. E-PER is the only electronic platform that offers an opportunity for inter-professional education. For more information on e-PER, please click here.

CanHealth Partners receive access to the online library which contains standardized, peer-reviewed, western content that is packaged and delivered in a curricular fashion.

The e-library contains all educational units that have been developed by CanHealth experts.  Partners are able to select courses that supplement their existing curriculum with high quality information and educational training units that reinforce a high standard of education. Library materials include texts, videos, audio and animated materials that may be utilized independently of the curriculum that CanHealth offers.

The CanHealth library has thousands of curriculum units that have been peer-reviewed by more than 100 specialists and experts from a variety of health education domains and who are continuously working to develop these educational units.

Please click here for a list of CanHealth educational programs and courses.