CanHealth International Partnership Structure / Model

CanHealth has devised a simple business model that assures access to all nations.

The mandate of CanHealth International, is to bring online, standardized inter-professional health education to all nations with state of the art technology.

CanHealth International is aiming to build a strong network for educators and researchers around the globe. This will be achieved by a simple partnerhip model. In this partnership model, a flat partnership fee of $25,000 will be required to maintain a sustainable network. This partnership fee will be waived for all countries whose annual GNI is less than $4000. Partners will have unconditional, unrestricted access to the CanHealth system. 

The products of CanHealth include an electronic platform for education and research, an electronic library (consisting of over 1000 educational units) and specific programs for inter-professional health education and services to support and enhance health education and improve quality of healthcare delivery to an acceptable level of international standard. The initial products, that include the electronic curriculum library and electronic platform for education and research that serves as enabling technology (estimated worth=$10 million dollars), are donated by the UBC/VCHA. At this time, we are seeking for partners with whom we can:

  • Share products, technology and services for unlimited and unconditional use in their institution
  • Modify and adapt the products to partners needs
  • Build more products and form a worldwide knowledge sharing network
  • Provide the knowledge network free of charge to Developing Nations and all who are in need
  • Provide worldwide collaborative network for educational research
  • Have an impact on improvement of quality of healthcare delivery not only in partner organizations but also for the developing nations

Join CanHealth International

If your organization would like to subscribe to CanHealth’s educational products and services, you are invited to apply by filling out an application form.

Once CanHealth has received your application, a CanHealth representative will contact you to:

  • Schedule a consultation
  • Conduct a needs assessment and environmental scan at the time of the consultation

Please note that:

  • Installation, consultation and implementation fees are negotiated individually with organizations, and are dependent upon the organization’s ability to provide basic infrastructure for implementation
  • A contractual agreement will be required to start education programs and all profit from these types of arrangements will go to support developing nations in need.
  • CanHealth International is geared to organizational subscribers and  does not recommend subscriptions for individuals. However, under special circumstances exceptions may be made. Please contact CanHealth.
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